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Karen Levy  

Updated: 11/19/2013    [update]
Assistant Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:
Environmental Health

Rollins School of Public Health
1518 Clifton Rd, NE
Claudia Nance Rollins Bldg, Room 2019
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: 404.727.4502
fax: 404.727.8744

BA, 1995, Stanford University
MSc, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, 2002, UC Berkeley
MPH, Epidemiology, 2006, UC Berkeley
PhD, Environmental Science, Policy & Management, 2007, UC Berkeley
Additional Appointment(s):
Environmental Studies
Center for Global Safe Water
Program in Population Biology, Ecology, and Evolution (PBEE)
Courses Taught:
EH 548: Research Methods for Studies of Water and Health
EH 549: Approaches to Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Research
EH 594: Capstone Seminar: Skills for Environmental Health Professionals
Areas of Interest/Research:
Antibiotic Resistance
Behavior and Health
Community Based Research
Global Health
Infectious Disease
Rural Health
Safe Water
Selected Research Projects:


My group carries out research on the ecology and epidemiology of waterborne and enteric diseases.  We use environmental microbiology and environmental epidemiology methods to study water quality, food safety, and the impact of climate and land use change on the transmission of diarrheal diseases.  

For further details, please see my research group website at


Selected Publications:
Ahmed, S., B. Lopman, K. Levy
A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of the Global Seasonality of Norovirus
, 8: e75922, 2013.
Levy, Nelson, Hubbard, Eisenberg
Rethinking Indicators of Microbial Drinking Water Quality for Health Studies in Tropical Developing Countries: Case Study in Northern Coastal Ecuador
American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
, 86(3): 499-507, 2012.
Eisenberg, Goldstick, Cevallos, Trueba, Levy, Scott, Percha, Segovia, Ponce, Hubbard, Marrs, Foxman, Smith, Trostle
In-Roads to the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance: Regional patterns of microbial transmission in northern coastal Ecuador
Journal of the Royal Society Interface
, 9(70): 1029-1039, 2012.
Markovitz, Goldstick, Levy, Cevallos, Mukherjee, Trostle, Eisenberg
Where science meets policy: Comparing longitudinal and cross-sectional designs to address diarrheal disease burden in the developing world
International Journal of Epidemiology
, 41(2): 504-513, 2012.
Levy, Hubbard, and Eisenberg
Seasonality of Rotavirus Disease in the Tropics: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
International Journal of Epidemiology
, 38: 1487-96, 2009.
Levy, Hubbard, Nelson, and Eisenberg
Drivers of Water Quality Variability in Northern Coastal Ecuador
Environmental Science and Technology
, 43: 1788-97, 2009.
McLaughlin, Levy, Beck, Chin, Meschke, and Eisenberg
An observational study on the effectiveness of point-of-use chlorination
Journal of Environmental Health
, 71: 48-53, 2009.
Eisenberg, Desai, Levy, Bates, Liang, Naumoff, and Scott
Environmental determinants of infectious disease: A framework for tracking causal links & guiding public health research
Environmental Health Perspectives
, 115: 1216-1223, 2008.
Levy, Nelson, Hubbard, and Eisenberg
Following the Water: A Controlled Study of Drinking Water Storage in Northern Coastal Ecuador
Environmental Health Perspectives
, 116: 1533-1540, 2008.
Eisenberg, Cevallos, Ponce, Levy, Bates, Scott, Hubbard, Vieira, Endara, Espinel, Trueba, Riley, and Trostle
Environmental change and infectious disease: How new roads affect the transmission of diarrheal pathogens in rural Ecuador
Proceedings of the National Academies of Sciences
, 103: 19460-65, 2006.
Neglected Consequences: The Role of Introduced Aquatic Species in the Spread of Infectious Diseases
, 1: 296-305, 2004.
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