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V. Ramana Dhara  

Updated: 03/18/2011    [update]
Adjunct Associate Professor

Department of:
Environmental Health

CDC Occupational Health Clinic
A-29, 1600 Clifton Road NE
Atlanta, GA 30333
tel: 404-639-3362
fax: 404-639-3166

Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, 1975, Armed Forces Medical College, Pune Univ., India
Master of Public Health , 1987, Univ. of Medicine & Dentistry of NJ
Doctor of Science, 2000, Univ. of Massachusetts Lowell
Additional Appointment(s):
Adjunct Clinical Professor, Morehouse School of Medicine
Career Overview:

 I am an occupational/environmental medicine physician board-certified by the American Board of Preventive Medicine in occupational medicine and the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.   


As a member of the International Medical Commission on Bhopal disaster, I have designed and published the first long-term health effects studies on the exposed community.  My work on exposure assessment in the gas victims is being used as a teaching tool in environmental epidemiology. My international experience includes evaluation of hazardous industries in India.  My work at CDC/ATSDR has involved evaluation of communities exposed to hazardous agents.  


In clinical practice, I have many years of experience in the area of workmens’ compensation and non-surgical orthopedics.  In 2005, I served as physician to the CNN news team covering the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. I am currently the Medical Director, Occupational Health Clinics, Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, Atlanta, GA.


Areas of Interest/Research:
Community Based Research
Global Health
Selected Research Projects:

1. Asthma prevalence in India

2. The impact of nuclear power expansion on climate change

3. The Bhopal disaster

Selected Publications:
Dhara, V.R.
On the Bioavailability of Methyl Isocyanate in the Bhopal Gas Leak
Arch Environ Health
, 47(5): 385-386, 1992.
Dhara, V.R. & Dhara, R.
The Union Carbide disaster in Bhopal: A Review of Health Effects
Arch Environ Health
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Dhara, V.R., & Kriebel, D.
The Bhopal Gas Disaster: Its Not Too Late for Sound Epidemiology
Arch Environ Hlth.
, 48(6): 436-437, 1993.
Dhara, V.R., & Kriebel, D.
An Exposure-response method for assessing the long-term health effects of the Bhopal gas disaster
, 17(4): 281-289, 1993.
Hall, H.I., Dhara, V.R., Kaye, W.E., & Price-Green, P.
Surveillance of Hazardous Substance Releases and Related Health Effects
Arch Environ Hlth.
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Dhara VR, Dhara R, Cullinan P, Acquilla SD..
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Acquilla SD, Bertell R, Dhara VR, Tognoni G.
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Cullinan P, Dhara VR, Acquilla SD.
Respiratory Morbidity 10 years after the Union Carbide Gas Leak at Bhopal
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