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Michele Marcus  

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Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Co-Director, Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit

Department of:
tel: (404) 727-8010
fax: (404) 727-8737

BS, 1974, Brooklyn College of City University of New York
MPH, 1981, Columbia University School of Public Health
PhD, 1986, Columbia University GSAS
Additional Appointment(s):
Department of Pediatrics
Women and Children's Center
Program in Toxicology
Molecules to Mankind interdisciplinary PhD Program
Courses Taught:
EPI 746: Reproductive Epidemiology
Career Overview:
Michele Marcus has over 20 years experience as a reproductive and environmental epidemiologist. At Mount Sinai School of Medicine, she was Director of the Environmental Epidemiology Core of the NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences Center.  As a Turner Foundation Fellow at the CDC she coordinated the work of the Endocrine Disrupters Leadership Panel. She has published extensively in this field and has co-authored two book chapters reviewing the effects of environmental and occupational exposures on reproductive function.  Her work includes studies of prematurity, low birth weight, congenital malformations, child growth and pubertal development, adolescent pregnancy, miscarriages, menstrual function, infertility and menopause.  She has served on federal expert panels reviewing the health effects of exposure to electromagnetic fields, bisphenol A, phthalates, gene/environment interactions and service in the Persian Gulf War. She also served on an ATSDR/CDC panel that recommended biological markers of adverse reproductive outcomes to be used in communities exposed to putative reproductive toxins.  She was recently named to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine Committee to update the evaluation of health effects of dioxin exposure among Vietnam Veterans. Dr. Marcus has also conducted research on genetic contributions to reproductive health and health effects of exposures to a number of persistent organic pollutants, aromatic hydrocarbons, pesticides, air pollution, solvents and lead.
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Selected Research Projects:

The Marcus research group consists of faculty and students working on environmental and genetic contributions to reproductive health.  Our collaborative group includes faculty in the departments of Human Genetics, Gynecology and Obstetrics, Urology,  Pediatrics, Epidemiology, Environmental and Occupational Health and Biostatistics.  We also work closely with collaborators at the National Center for Environmental Health and the National Institute for Occupational Health at the CDC.

A major focus of the group is to document multi-generational health effects of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals. We have been following over 4,000 individuals and their offsrpring who were exposed to a brominated flame retardant in the 1970's. See our study webpage at

Other affiliations and Activities:

National Center for Environmental Health, CDC
MotherToBaby Georgia


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