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Michael Goodman  

Updated: 10/04/2014    [update]
Associate Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:

tel: (404) 727-2734
fax: (404) 727-8737

MD, 1984, Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania
MPH, 1995, Johns Hopkins University
Courses Taught:
EPI 530: Epidemiologic Methods I
Areas of Interest/Research:
Cancer Prevention
Health Outcomes
Maternal and Child Health
Selected Research Projects:

Morbidity Mortality and Treatment Outcomes in Transgender Persons

Comparative Effectiveness of Treatments for Localized Prostate Cancer

Treatment Decisions among Men with Localized Prostate Cancer in Southwest Georgia

Breast and Prostate Cancer Data Quality and Patterns of Care

Accuracy of Biopsy-Derived Gleason Scores

Oxidative Stress, DNA Repair & Colorectal Adenoma Risk


Selected Publications:
Goodman, M
, Bostick R, Kucuk, O, Jones, D.
Clinical trials of antioxidants as cancer prevention agents: Past, present, and future.
Free Radical Biology & Medicine
, 51: 1068-1084, 2011.
Goodman, M
, Steenland K, Almon L, Liff J, DiIorio C, Butler S, Ekwueme D, Hall I, Lee Smith J, Master V, Roberts P.
Prostate cancer treatment ascertained from several sources: analysis of disagreement and error
Annals of Oncology
, 21: 256-263, 2012.
Goodman, M
, Naiman J, Goodman D, LaKind J.
Cancer Clusters in the USA – What do the last twenty years of state and federal investigations tell us?
Critical Reviews in Toxicology
, 42: 474-490, 2012.
Resnick M, Koyama D, Fan K-H, Albertsen P,
Goodman, M
, Hamilton A, Hoffman R, Potosky A, Stanford JL, Stroup A, Van Horn L, Penson, D
Long-term functional outcomes after treatment for localized prostate cancer.
New England Journal of Medicine
, 368: 436-445, 2013.
Kong SY, Bostick RM, Flanders WD, McClellan WM, Thyagarajan B, Gross MD, Judd S,
Goodman, M
Oxidative balance score, colorectal adenoma, and markers of oxidative stress and inflammation.
Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers and Prevention
, 23: 545-554, 2014.
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