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Michael Goodman  

Updated: 03/18/2011    [update]
Associate Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:

tel: (404) 727-2734
fax: (404) 727-8737

MD, 1984, Kaunas Medical Academy, Lithuania
MPH, 1995, Johns Hopkins University
Courses Taught:
EPI 530: Epidemiologic Methods I
Areas of Interest/Research:
Cancer Prevention
Selected Research Projects:

Treatment Decisions among Men with Localized Prostate Cancer in Southwest Georgia

Breast and Prostate Cancer Data Quality and Patterns of Care

Accuracy of Biopsy-Derived Gleason Scores

Regulators and markers of oxidative stress in predicting and preventing prostate and colorectal neoplasms

Georgia Cancer Cohort Study: Feasibility Assessment

Oxidative Stress, DNA Repair & Colorectal Adenoma Risk

Selected Publications:
Goodman, M
, Liu L, Ward K, Zhang J, Almon L, Su G, Berglund L, Chen A, Sinha U, Young J.
Invasion characteristics of oral tongue cancer: Frequency of reporting and effect on survival in a population-based study.
, 115: 4010-20, 2009.
Goodman, M
, Almon L, Bayakly AR, Butler S, Crosby C, DiIorio C, Ekwueme D, Fletcher D, Fowler J, Gillespie T, Glanz K, Hall I, Lee J, Liff J, Lipscomb J, Pollack L, Richardson L, Roberts P, Steenland N, Ward K.
Cancer outcomes research in a rural area: A multi-institution partnership model
Journal of Community Health
, 34: 23-32, 2009.
Goodman, M
, Bostick R, Dash C, Terry P, Flanders D, Mandel J.
A summary measure of pro- and anti-oxidant exposures and risk of incident, sporadic, colorectal adenomas
Cancer Causes and Control
, 19: 1051-64, 2008.
Goodman, M
, Bostick R, Dash C, Flanders D, Mandel J.
Hypothesis: Oxidative stress score as a combined measure of pro- and anti-oxidant exposures
Annals of Epidemiology
, 17: 394-9, 2007.
Goodman, M
, Bostick RM, Ward KC, Terry PD, van Gils CH, Taylor JA, Mandel JS.
Lycopene intake and prostate cancer risk: Effect modification by plasma antioxidants and XRCC1 genotype
Nutrition and Cancer
, 55: 13-20, 2006.
Goodman, M
, Flanders D.
Study design options in evaluating gene-environment interactions: practical considerations for a planned case-control study of pediatric leukemia.
Pediatric Blood and Cancer
, 48: 375-379, 2006.
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