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James M. Smith, PhD  

Updated: 12/19/2014    [update]
Adjunct Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:
Environmental Health
tel: 678-200-9041

BS (physics), 1964, W. Virgnia University
MS (theoretical physics), 1966, W. Virgnia University
PhD (experimental physics), 1969, W. Virginia University
Career Overview:
Research Physicist, Satellite Radiation Effects, RCA Space Center,
Princeton, NJ (1969-71)
Distinguished Senior Fellow, Institute of Molecular Biophysics,
Florida State University (1971-74) 
Assoc. Research Professor of Radiation Biophysics, University of Utah
School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT (1974-1982)
Chief, Physical Agents Effects Branch, National Institute for
Occupational Safety and Health, CDC (1983-89)
Chief, Radiation Studies Branch, National Center for
Environmental Health, CDC (1990-2001)
Assoc. Division Director for Radiation, National Center for
Environmental Health, CDC (2002-2006)
* * * 
U.S. Public Health Service Superior Service Award for
establishing CDC as major international focus for radiation
epidemiology (1994)
Appointed CDC Distinguished Scientist/Consultant (2001-2006)
CDC Honor Award for Nuclear/Radiological Response (2004)
Nominee, CDC Charles C. Shepard Science Award for best
scientific research paper of 2006
Areas of Interest/Research:
Global Health
Public Health Preparedness
Risk Assessment
Selected Publications:
Schneider AB,
Smith, JM

Potassium Iodide Prophylaxis: What Have We Learned?
, 22: 344-46, 2012.
Donnelly, EH,
Smith, JM
, Farfan, EB, and Ozcan, I
Prenatal Radiation Exposure: Background Material for Counseling Pregnant Patients Exposed to Radiation
Disaster Med. and Public Hlth. Prep.
, 5(1): 62-68, 2011.
Smith, J. M
., Ansari, A., Harper, F. W.
Hospital management of mass radiological casualties: contaminated victims from an exploded radiological dispersal device, 2005
Health Physics Journal
, 89(5): 513-520, 2005.
Smith, T. L., &
Smith, J. M
Electrosurgery in otolaryngology - head and neck surgery: principles, advances and complications
, 111(5): 769-780, 2001.
Schneider, AB and
Smith, JM

Prophylaxis against radiation exposure from radioiodine
In Wartofsky, L and Van Nostrand, D (Eds) Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management, Humana Pess, Totowa, NJ
, In Press: .
Other affiliations and Activities:

Other Professional Efforts:

Governor's appointee to Georgia Board of Public Health (2011-2012)

Consultant, International Atomic Energy Agency (2003-2004)

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Working Group on Radiological/Nuclear Threat Countermeasures (2003-2004)

Nuclear and Radiological Technical Committee for the G-7 Global Health Security Action Group (2003-2006)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Working Group on Medical Management of Radiation Casualties( 2003-2005)

Scientific Committee, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (2005-2006)

Editorial Board, International Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (2000-2005)

Editorial Board, Health Physics Journal (1986-1994)

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