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James M. Smith  

Updated: 11/21/2013    [update]
Adjunct Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:
Environmental Health
tel: 678-200-9041

BS (physics), 1964, West Virgnia University
MS (theoretical physics), 1966, West Virgnia University
PhD (experimental physics), 1969, West Virginia University
Postdoctoral Fellowship (radiation biophysics), 1971, Florida State University
Career Overview:
Research Physicist, RCA Space Center, Princeton, NJ (1969-71)
Assoc. Research Professor, University of Utah School of Medicine, Salt Lake City, UT (1974-1982)
Chief, Physical Agents Effects Branch, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, CDC (1983-89)
Chief, Radiation Studies Branch, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC (1990-2001)
Assoc. Division Director for Radiation, National Center for Environmental Health, CDC (2002-2006)
U.S. Public Health Service Superior Service Award for establishing CDC as a major international focus for radiation health effects epidemiology (1994)
 Appointed CDC Distinguished Consultant (2001-2006)
 CDC Honor Award for Nuclear/Radiological Response (2004)
 Nominee, CDC Charles C. Shepard Science Award (2006)
Areas of Interest/Research:
Global Health
Public Health Preparedness
Risk Assessment
Selected Publications:
Schneider AB,
Smith, JM

Potassium Iodide Prophylaxis: What Have We Learned?
, 22: 344-46, 2012.
Donnelly, EH,
Smith, JM
, Farfan, EB, and Ozcan, I
Prenatal Radiation Exposure: Background Material for Counseling Pregnant Patients Exposed to Radiation
Disaster Med. and Public Hlth. Prep.
, 5(1): 62-68, 2011.
Smith, J. M
., Ansari, A., Harper, F. W.
Hospital management of mass radiological casualties: contaminated victims from an exploded radiological dispersal device, 2005
Health Physics Journal
, 89(5): 513-520, 2005.
Smith, T. L., &
Smith, J. M
Electrosurgery in otolaryngology - head and neck surgery: principles, advances and complications
, 111(5): 769-780, 2001.
Schneider, AB and
Smith, JM

Prophylaxis against radiation exposure from radioiodine
In Wartofsky, L and Van Nostrand, D (Eds) Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management, Humana Pess, Totowa, NJ
, In Press: .
Other affiliations and Activities:

Other Professional Efforts:

Governor's appointee to Georgia Board of Public Health (2011-2012)

Consultant, International Atomic Energy Agency (2003-2004)

White House Office of Science and Technology Policy Working Group on Radiological/Nuclear Threat Countermeasures (2003-2004)

Nuclear and Radiological Technical Committee for the World Health Organization and G-7 Global Health Security Action Group (2003-2006)

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Working Group on Medical Management of Radiation Casualties( 2003-2005)

Scientific Committee, National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (2005-2006)

Editorial Board, International Journal of Human and Ecological Risk Assessment (2000-2005)

Editorial Board, Health Physics Journal (1986-1994)

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