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Jason M. Hockenberry  

Updated: 12/03/2014    [update]
Associate Professor (Graduate Faculty)

Department of:
Health Policy and Management

1518 Clifton Rd
Atlanta, GA 30033
tel: 404.727.7416

PhD, 2008, Lehigh University
Areas of Interest/Research:
Health Economics
Health Policy
Health Outcomes
Selected Publications:
Hockenberry, JM
and Helmchen, L
The Nature of Surgeon Human Capital Depreciation
Journal of Health Economics
, in press: 2014.
Hockenberry, JM
, Burgess JF, Glasgow J, Vaughan Sarrazin M, Kaboli PJ
Cost of Readmission: Can the Veterans Health Administration Experience Inform National Payment Policy?
Medical Care
, 51: 13-19, 2013.
Hockenberry, JM
, Mutter R, Parlato J, Barrett M, Ross MA
Factors associated with prolonged observation services stays and the impact of long stays on patient cost
Health Services Research
, in press: 2013.
Kaboli P, Go J,
Hockenberry, JM
, Glasgow J, Rosenthal GE, Jones M, Vaughan-Sarrazin V
Associations between reduced hosptial length of stay and 30-day readmission rate: 10 year experience in 129 Veterans Administration Hospitals
Annals of Internal Medicine
, 157(12): 837-845, 2012.
Wang J,
Hockenberry, JM
, Chou S-Y and Yang M.
Do Bad Report Cards Have Consequences? How Publicly Reported Provider Quality Information Impacts the CABG Market in Pennsylvania.
Journal of Health Economics
, 30: 392-407, 2011.
Other affiliations and Activities:

Faculty Research Fellow- National Bureau of Economic Research

Curriculum Vitae
Link to this page: http://www.sph.emory.edu/faculty/JHOCKEN