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Howard I. Kushner  

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Jointly Appointed (Graduate Faculty)

Nat C. Robertson Dist. Prof of Science and Society

Department of:
Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Rollins School of Public Health &
Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts
Emory University
1518 Clifton Road
Atlanta, GA 30322
tel: (404) 727-9523
fax: 404-727-1369

AB, 1965, Rutgers University (Cum Laude)
1965, 1966, Cornell Law School
MA, 1968, Cornell University
PhD, 1970, Cornell University
Additional Appointment(s):
Program in Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology , Emory College
Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts, Emory College
Courses Taught:
BSHE 560R: BSHE Seminar
BSHE 579: History of Public Health
BSHE 580R: WCH Seminar
BSHE 588: Addiction and Behavior
BSHE 589: Mental Ill,Pub Hlth & Amer Cul
Areas of Interest/Research:
Addiction/Drug Abuse Prevention
Mental Health
Smoking Prevention/Cessation
Selected Research Projects:

Sophomore Year at Emory Living and Learning Experience: An Interdisciplinary Seminar Course/Internship in Addiction and Depression
Engelhard Foundation

Association of American Colleges & Universities


To engage sophomores living in a dormitory with the connection between the theory and practice of mental health interventions. To explore the connection between knowledge and behavior on issues of addiction and depression. To expose students to actual applications of mental health theory into practice through internships and academic courses. 

Phenomenology of Smoking
National Institutes of Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse
To gain an insider's understanding of current cigarette smokers. To explore the reasons for persistent smoking and the effects of the changing view of smoking and smokers on those who continue to smoke.


Public Education and Communication On Improving Health Care Delivery Than Kawasaki Disease.
National Institutes of Health
National Library of Medicine
To develop website and a film on the history of Kawasaki disease and explore how that history may provide clues to the etiology of the this syndrome.


Club Drugs: Ecstasy Use Patterns and HIV Risks
National Institutes of Health
National Institute on Drug Abuse
To explore the emerging club drug presence on the local drug market and to identify the health consequences of ecstasy use, especially as it relates to the risk of acquiring HIV/AIDS.

Selected Publications:
Kushner, HI

Deficit or Creativity: Cesare Lombroso, Robert Hertz, and the Meanings of Left-Handedness, I-first early release EPUB,4 July 2012.
Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition,
, 18: 416-436, 2013. DOI: 10.1080/13...
Kushner, HI

Why There are (almost) No Left-Handers in China
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Jessica Preslar, Howard I. Kushner, Lori Marino & Bradley Pearce.
Autism, lateralization, and handedness: a review of the literature and meta-analysis”
Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition,
, in press: 2013.
doi: 10.1080/1357650X.2013.772621
Howard I. Kushner & Leslie S. Leighton,
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Kushner, HI

Retraining Left-Handers and the Aetiology of Stuttering: The Rise and Fall of an Intriguing Theory
Laterality: Asymmetries of Body, Brain and Cognition
, 17: 673-693, 2012.
Kushner, HI

The Cursing Patient: Neuropsychiatry Confronts Tourette Syndrome, 1825-2010. In Stephen Jacnya and Stephen Casper, (eds.), The Neurological Patient in History. Rochester: Univ. of Rochester Press, 2012, 129-164.
129-164, 2012.
Kushner, H. I
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Braswell, H., &
Kushner, H. I
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Kushner, HI

Retraining the King’s Left Hand
, 377: 1998-1999, 2011.
PMID: 21671515 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]
Kushner, HI

Toward a Cultural Biology of Addiction
, 5: 8-24, 2010.
Kushner, HI

Evidence-Based Medicine and the Patient/Physician Dyad
The Permanente Journal, 2010
, 14: 71-75, 2010.
Kushner, HI
& Abramowsky, C.
An Old Autopsy Report Sheds Light on a “New” Disease: IPN and KD
Pediatric Cardiology
, 31: Online prepublication 7 January 2010., 2010.
Kushner, HI
, MacNee, R, Burns, JC
Kawasaki Syndrome in India: Increasing Awareness or Increased Incidence
Perspectives in Biology and Medicine
, 52: 17-29, 2009.
Kushner, HI

History as a Medical Tool
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Kushner, HI
, Bastian, JF, Turner, CL, Burns, JC
The Two Emergences of Kawasaki Disease & Its Implication for the Developing World
Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal
, 27: in press, 2008.
Kushner, HI

Medical Historian and the History of Medicine
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Kushner, H. I
"The Other War on Drugs: The Pharmaceutical Industry, Evidence-Based Medicine, and Clinical Practice"
Journal of Policy History
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Kushner, H. I
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"Impression of Kawasaki Disease in India"
Indian Journal of Pediatrics
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Kushner, H. I
"Taking Biology Seriously: The Next Task fir Historians of Addiction?"
Bulletin of the History of Medicine
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Bastian, J.F. and
Kushner, H. I
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Kushner, H. I
"Cutting-Edge Psychiatry"
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Kushner, H. I
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Kushner, H. I
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Kushner, H. I
American Suicide: A Psychocultural Exploration (Chinese translation of Kushner, American Suicide: A Psychocultural Exploration, translated by Margaret Meng, San Min Book Co, Ltd., Taipei, Taiwan, 1997.)
Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick and London
, 1991.
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